Well, where do I begin?

As I sat at the airport gate awaiting my departure to New York, I seized the opportunity to pen my first update. With much to say and many to say it to, I took to the magical interweb to broadcast my message. The responses were warm and encouragement plentiful, conjuring up a thought that every mildly coherent 20-something-year-old has when they travel – I should write a blog!

And so here it is, a small space I have carved out for myself on the internet, amidst the cat videos, selfies, and humanity-hope-extinguishing-black-holes, formally known as the ‘comments’ section. With tremendous gratitude for having this opportunity, I look forward to reporting on some of the trip’s gems here. Whilst my past journal keeping history is about as reliable as the subway is clean (hint: not very), I’m going to give this regular blog thing a bash.

As the great Julie Andrews once said, “let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.” Perhaps I should formally explain that a short two weeks ago, I tearfully waved farewell to my family as I bid the shores of Sydney goodbye, with my sights set on the Big Apple (whilst fully aware that no New Yorkers actually use the term ‘Big Apple,’ I feel as though my accent allows me to get away with it).

The technical lowdown is as follows:

  • I am on a J-1 Visa, which is a cultural exchange visa for recent university graduates that enables you to work and travel in the US.
  • In case you missed it, I will be based in a small town, you’ve probably heard of it – New York.

Whilst my first few days have been largely marvelous, I do of course fear the inevitable moments that will metaphorically feel as though I am being hit by a yellow cab, smacked in the face with a bagel or trampled by a queue of Hamilton ticket winners. I am, however, excited for the road ahead and whilst I personally cannot make any promises, I know New York City can, which is why I am excited to share with you, a piece of The Big City, through some of my small ideas.

Stay posted and keep reading.

Sending much love,




7 thoughts on “Well, where do I begin?

  1. Oh baby I’m excited for this!!! Hit me up if ya ever need a coffee/running/shopping/show-watching/ or any other type of buddy. I’m here for ya:)


  2. Chulishing for the next post already. Reading blogs makes me feel so young and tech savy. Definitely taking a bite of this big apple vicariously through you. Loved the allusions to Hamilton. Vibes.


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